Friday, August 10, 2012

Deal me a hand

My grandma called me this week and asked me to bring Kip by when her card club was at her house...she wanted to show off her newest great-grandson!  It was so cute!  Grandma loves her some cards and some Kip : )

Visit to Tybee

We recently packed up all the necessities when you have a 5 month old...which is a lot of stuff...and hit the road to Tybee Island GA, just off the coast of Savannah.  We made the trip with Kyle's entire family, his two sisters, their families, and his parents.  I was a little nervous how Kip would do on a 10 hour drive...but he did awesome!  Granted we did leave town at 8:00 pm, which is basically his bedtime.  We had to wake him up to change his diaper and feed him a bottle...then right back to sleep. 

Ready for a roadtrip

 He woke up right on cue when pulling into Savannah.  We hung out in Savannah the first day, walked around the city, stopping for some photo ops with Wes!

Stopped for a few beverages...Kyle a beer and Wes a Sprite : )

Did some shopping...found the cutest little boutique called the Copper Penny.  If you are ever in Savannah check it out!  We also went to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant...Our Lady and Sons.  Let me tell you, we were all less than impressed.  There is much better food in Savannah than her yourself the trip and the wait!  We then made our way over to Tybee.  It is a cute little island...population of 3,000 people.  All local restaurants with their own claim to fame, nice beach, and great ice cream : )  What else do you need right!  While on Tybee we took lots of walks on the beach, spent time at the pool at our house, and hung out with family.  Overall a great trip and lots of great memories!

Walks on the beach

Checking out the ocean

Hanging with dad

Mom's turn : )

Our view at dinner at AJ's

One thing I really liked about Tybee was the marshy waters.  Lot of green vegetation and dolphins!  Tara and I went paddleboarding one day and were literally paddleboarding with dolphins around us!  

Hanging out on the beach

Tara and Brian

Dana and Chris

Loving the beach

Checking out the tide pools...gotta love my beach shoes : )  I hate the feel of sand on my feet!

One day Kip took a 3 hour nap on the beach!  I guess he liked the warmth and maybe the sound of the waves!

We also hired a photographer to take some family pictures while we were there.  Here is a sneak peek!  I LOVE it!  Can't wait to see the rest!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 months

Kipton just turned 4 months old....where does the time go?  He is doing great!  I think this baby is a tease :)  He is such a good baby....then our next one will be a terror : )  At his 4 month doctor appt. he weighed 16 lbs 10 oz.  He is definitely not deprived of food!  He was in the 80% in weight and 70% in length...he's a big boy.  He is currently wearing 3-6 month size clothes and sometimes 6-9 depending on brand.  This month we have had a couple of milestones.  Kip has rolled over from his belly to his back.  He really enjoys standing, his walker, and mirrors.  
At the Bombers baseball game


We have also had a few firsts this month including swimming and boating.  This past weekend we went boating on Patoka and took Kip along.  He did he always does!  He wasn't a huge fan of the lifejacket, which you will see below.

Kip and Dad

Swimming...not a huge fan of the jacket



I can't wait to see what milestones come next.  The introduction of baby food, potentially cereal, rolling from back to belly, and who knows what else!

Friday, July 6, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish

Kip continues to grow up before our very eyes!  In this extreme heat there is nothing to do outside that doesn't involve water!  We have hit up a couple of pools and Kip seems to love the water.  On July 4th he hung out in the water for a good hour....just lounging!  He kicks his legs under the water and is becoming a little fish : )  
July 4th

Kip and Kyle on July 4th

Hanging out with Aunt Carrie

Kip and I

Long day in the sun!

With his sunnies on!

We have also started to let Kip experience new toys.  We broke out the walker, even though his feet don't touch the ground : )  He likes to play music and loves to stand so it seemed only natural that he would love it.  He doesn't last too long, but does enjoy it for short periods of time!

We have also got the Bumbo seat out, which he is not a huge fan of as seen below with his bully face on.  

We are very excited to be headed to Tybee Island in the next few weeks.  Kip's first trip to the beach!  Should be a great family trip!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

BBQ & 3 Months

This weekend Hog N Suds competed in their 2nd Heimetfest BBQ Contest.  Overall, they were happy with their performance!  It's a great day full of fun, drinks, and hanging out with friends : ) 
Chris prepping the meat

Dana is getting the presentation box ready

Yummy pulled pork

Kyle chatting with the competition : )

This is what Kip looked like most of the day....sleepy : )

Hog N Suds

Kip also turned 3 months old on Saturday.  He is getting so big!  His personality continues to develop more and more every day.  He laughs a lot, especially when he is talked to!  It is so funny when he gets mad about things, especially when mom wipes his face.  He loves his mobile from Aunt Dana and Uncle Chris and cackles out loud when it plays.  He has recently started wearing 3-6 months clothes and recently wore his first pair of shoes

My first pair of shoes

A good laugh

Hanging out at Big Splash

He loves the water...including baths!

First trip to the Dairy Barn

Sleepy boy

He is still a great baby and has started sleeping through the night.  I have gone back to work part time so he now goes to the babysitter 3 days a week.  She says that he is so good and so easy.  I'm not so sure about the easy part..but overall a great kid.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random Kip Pics

I have been trying to do a better job of taking more pictures of Kip lately.  I cannot believe that he is already 11 weeks old!  I have one more week of maternity leave and then back to work.  Although I have decided to only go back to work part time.  I just feel like this is the best option for our family.  I definitely want to work, I think I need the brain stimulation and I want Kip to have the social interaction at a babysitter.  Therefore I think this is the best of both worlds.  I am so thankful that I have this option and working for my family makes this transition so much easier.  I continue to count my blessings and thank God every day that I am able to stay home with my child 2 days a week.  Here are a couple of random pictures taken a few days ago.  
Kip continues to smile A LOT!  He also loves to put weight on his legs and jump around.  He is getting so big already...time sure does fly and I think it goes faster when you have a child.  

Rocking the white onesie : )

Watching TV

He continues to enjoy his activity mat and last night I added a small mobile to it and he loves to watch it.  He is now busting out of 0-3 months clothes and starting to wear 3-6 month.  He is such a cutie and I can't wait to see what his next developmental changes are!

Start your engines!

This Memorial Day weekend Kyle and I made our way up to Indianapolis for the Indianapolis 500!  Another race for the books : )  We have been going for several years now and it never disappoints.  This year was a little different, we left our little one with the grandparents overnight for the first time.  Granted, I did miss him, but it was nice to get away and not worry about him.  I knew he was in good hands.  We had a great time with old friends Ron, Carla, LJ, Nick, Nate, and Megan.  I didn't get very many pictures this year.  I think it was just too hot to even think about pictures but luckily there was a breeze coming through pit lane to keep us somewhat cool.
Kyle and Luke

Kyle and I

Many thanks to Ron and Carla for hosting us...and our crazy friends!  It was another great Memorial Day!  Let's not forget the reason for Memorial Day...our freedom!  Special thanks to one soldier in brother Jason stationed in Afghanistan.  You are much loved and we can't wait for you to come home soon!  You are a hero in my book!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kip's Baptism

Kip was welcomed into the Catholic faith on Saturday May 19th!  We were joined by our entire family for this special event and we could not have felt more blessed on this day!  Blessed with a beautiful baby boy, blessed with great families, and blessed with the love of God!

The Fuhs Family 

 4 generations....Grandma, my Dad, myself, and Kip

Our happy family 

 The whole Brames clan

 With Godparents Brian and Carrie

Getting blessed with holy water 

With Father Krielien 

Kip was able to wear the same baptismal gown that all of my aunts and uncles have worn!   It was a very special gown and is laying on a blanket that his grandma Marilyn knitted when she was pregnant with Kyle!

Again, we couldn't feel more blessed!